About us

How we assist!

  • Disability/Mental Health Support Service. 
  • NDIS Provider (National Disability Insurance Scheme) for a diverse range of outreach assistance.
  • Provide support for individuals without any funding stream (private assistance).
  • Provide assistance to individuals with any other funding packages.  


To best ensure that any individual who expresses need for community support has an opportunity given to them either by Life Be In It Support Services or other relevant service. 


To best ensure that outreach support is seen and remains to be a vital aspect to the Community.    


We all have certain values and principles that are important to us.  Some are more integral than others.  We would like to share with you some of ‘Life Be In It Support Services’ Values.  With that said our way of business is to embrace each individuals manner of day-to-day living and focus on improving their overall health and well-being (Emotional, Physical, Psychological & Spiritual). 
The values below are simply a reflection of what the Participants will receive from our service. 

Honesty:   Transparency and truth is imperative to Life Be In It Support Services. This manner will be undertaken with the utmost of sincerity and in the best interests of the Participant.

Integrity:   The way an individual carries themselves will usually determine the type of outcome in any given situation.  A genuine and sincere approach is the only way we know and the only way we deal with all matters. We work in a culturally sensitive manner.
Courtesy:   You will always be treated in a civil and polite manner. 

Respect:     Disagreement with our fellow neighbours is common.  Expressing our opinion is very important and it will always be done in a reasonable and courteous manner.  When a person is sincere and genuine in dialogue then an open-minded and amicable discussion will take place.  We all have a  different way of thinking.  We have different culture, upbringing, education, values and the list goes on.  Essentially, Life Be In It Support Services has the utmost understanding with those factors in mind to what the other person is talking about.  We will listen attentively, be impartial and openly discuss matters.  This is what Life Be In It Support Services deems as respect.

Professionalism/Delivering a service:   Even though support leads to building rapport, there is a distinct and very clear professional boundary in ‘Life Be In It Support Services’ toward all Participants. We will deliver accurate information on matters and guide an individual with varying options to choose from.   Our services will be delivered without discrimination and without negatively judging someone.

Privacy and Confidentiality: remains a high priority in every aspect of our service provision.  We will make every effort to protect your information and only share relevant information with others with your verbal or written consent; preferably written consent.


Senior Community Mental Health Practitioner & Senior Disability Support Worker 

Saverio is the founder and principal of Life Be In It Support Services. Life Be In It Support Services will offer options opportunities and solutions whilst bringing a high level of support to each and every participant.  Including NDIS participants from Ages 16 to 65.

Community Service Work

AOD Residential Support Worker Men’s Alcohol & Other Drugs Residential Rehabilitation Facility. Saverio's role was an AOD Residential  Support Worker.

Youth Residential Support Worker: He was the Youth Residential Support Worker for kids and youth who are being temporarily looked after by the State.

Community Mental Health Practitioner (Outreach):  The PhaMs Program (Federally funded Personal Helpers & Mentors Program).  He assisted and supported Participants from the ages of 18-65 who are enduring mental illness or comorbidity and supporting those people with their goals.  His role was a Mental Health Practitioner (Outreach).

Mental Health Support Worker (Outreach): The MHCSS: ICSP (State funded Mental Health Community Support Service: Individual Community Support Package).  The Outreach Programs from the above funding stream was based on supporting people with severe mental health issues with complex needs.  They were based on recovery oriented practice/model part of psycho-social rehabilitation and Client-Centred approaches. Saverio was a Mental Health Worker which incorporated Community Support of a highly diverse nature.

Voluntary Community Service Work

Support Person:  (Part of St Joseph’s Church) which is an outreach food van for the Dandenong region for which he was a Support Person. 
Community Information Worker: Assisted people within the regions for various information, support services and referral pathways for which he was a Community Information Worker.

Men's Shed Support Worker: a pathway for men to get together and defeat isolation and depression by socialising and being part of a positive and easy going culture for which he was a Support Worker. 

Mental Health Outreach:  Volunteer PhaMs Program (Federally funded Personal Helpers & Mentors Program).  He was a PhaMs Volunteer for the Dandenong based mental health outreach program.